In today’s day and age, people are looking for methods to enhance their features or organs to boost their self-esteem. A question that has come quite frequently now is how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way. The best method through which you can enlarge your penis without the risk of having any side effects is through a penile extender. The top three extenders in the world at the moment are The Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte and Size Genetics. Below down you can read their features and choose the one that seems suitable to you!

1. The Quick Extender Pro:

Features: This medical device is manufactured in the USA. The Quick Extender Pro is the number one choice for men who wish to enlarge their penis or correct the curvature of it. The science behind this medical device is the Penis Traction method. The penis traction method ensures healthy cellular growth in both length and girth. It makes the stretching process of the penis as painless as possible and with its DSS Enhanced Comfort Technology it is absolutely comfortable to wear even on your regular days as with the overall process being painless, the extender does not interfere with your daily chores.
Trustworthy company: The product has been manufactured in the supervision of medical professionals to produce something that is affordable, safe, quick and convenient to the maximum level. This device is the best if you want to gain a natural penis enlargement from the comfort of your own home without having to worry about the cost as it is one of the most affordable medical devices in the market too.

2. Phallosan Forte:

Feature: The main feature which makes this extender different from any other extender available is that it is rod or vacuum based. This means that the extender can be easily worn at night or in the day; it will allow you to do your daily chores without any trouble while also working its magic from behind. The price of the extender is reasonable too making it a treat for anyone who wishes to enlarge his penis. This device too uses a penis traction technology. The penis traction technology provides results that are long lasting. The Phallosan Forte gives space for the growth of not only the shaft but also on the tissue of the glans. The space that gets created from all the stretching is filled with a layer of new and healthy cells. It provides a constant tension to the penis forcing it to increase in length and also allows the user to adjust the angles accordingly if they wish to correct the curvature.
Medical guarantee: The medical device ticks all the medical requirements that are there for any medical device. The medical device even carries the CE symbol. The device is approved by doctors and medical practitioners after many clinical trials conducted by the manufacturing company.

3. Size Genetics:

Features: The extender has been designed specially to help men all over the world to correct their penis curvature. This medical device uses tension of 2800 g providing a smooth experience for its users. The material of the extender is lightweight and makes the extender easy to use for all of its consumers. This means that the extender can also be worn regularly for long periods of time without any hindrance. It also features spring loaded joints and the CE health stamp. The product has had thousands of positive reviews from people all over the world making it the extender which guarantees results in a quick and effective way.
How does the device works? The device works by using the penis traction science. This helps to stretch the tissues of the penis allowing small micro tears which makes the production of new and healthy cells much easier and quick. As time goes by and the tension provided to that area is constant, then these layers of new cells grow firmer holding on more blood. This is also the reason why this medical device ensures better blood circulation in the penis with its use as with better circulation the erectile functioning of the penis also improves.

Penile extenders are thus the best way to ensure that your penis enlarges in a safe and convenient way without the use of pills and potions. For people who wonder on how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way should definitely give penile extenders a try because while giving guaranteed results, they do not cause any side effects and are completely safe as well! The science has progressed in more ways than possible and these penile extenders are the example of that.